Letting it Rest

I finished several rounds of edits and now I’m going to let my manuscript rest…

Okay, not really. It’s on its way to my editor, but I’m not going to look at it until she sends it back. At least not in a “sit down and make a thousand changes” sort of way. I might gaze upon it with a combination of pride and terror? We’ll see.

But it means that for four to six weeks I get to just focus on my current work in progress! I have a clear vision and goals and what feels like a solid (fingers crossed) outline.

Looking forward to getting back to chaotic drafting after all the polishing.

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Hello! I'm an aspiring author of humorous books about space gays and alien invasions. I might occasionally toss in a dragon or mermaid, and I can't wait to share my weirdness with the world.

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