Using a Local Printer vs. POD

As indie authors, it can be really difficult to decide where to get our physical books printed. For my two novels, I have been using Draft2Digital’s print on demand (POD) service. It’s an easy way to get the books distributed since I don’t have to handle any of that myself, aside from when booksellers orContinue reading “Using a Local Printer vs. POD”

3rd Quarter Draft & I have a Baddie!

I am chaos. The current draft I have is about three quarters of the way done (I write fairly short books), and last night I had a lightbulb moment that I think will get me through the rest of the draft. This always happens to me right when I give up on the idea thatContinue reading “3rd Quarter Draft & I have a Baddie!”

Q&A about YA with some actual YAs

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the evening with young adults from the Equality Crew in conversation with me at Two Friends Bookshop where they got to ask me questions (granted they did not know this was the plan until like ten minutes before it started but they did an AMAZING job anyway), aboutContinue reading “Q&A about YA with some actual YAs”

New Project Announcement Because I’m Far Enough into it ADHD brain is getting bored.

Hype me up! I’m at that point when I announce a new project right at the time I’m feeling my interest in it waning because it’s been going so well and ADHD brain thinks well is boring. It can be so hard to keep myself interested in my own projects. So much can get inContinue reading “New Project Announcement Because I’m Far Enough into it ADHD brain is getting bored.”

Small Tabling To-Dos

Selling books in person is such a crucial part of being an indie author, so I thought I’d do a quick post about what I packed for the mass author signing during Ghoulish Bookfest. They opened up a room for an hour where both vendors and con attendees could set up a table to sellContinue reading “Small Tabling To-Dos”

Horns and Rattles Press Announcement

So, two of my friends an I are doing a really exciting thing. The three of us have begun our own publishing imprint called “Horns and Rattles Press” and for the first trilogy we’re focusing on short horror fiction and we open submissions in one week and I am so thrilled. I usually lean towardContinue reading “Horns and Rattles Press Announcement”

Book Launch for My Weird Merfolk Book

I had another book launch party and it was MAGICAL. I love sharing a space with my friends and family and supporters. It was a blast. We had some cookies (that totally matched the book cover, because I’m nothing if not extra), some wine (provided by my mom), and a playlist that I managed toContinue reading “Book Launch for My Weird Merfolk Book”

Quest for Author Copies that Ended Up on a Ranch in Kansas

When I was filming an unboxing reel for the copies of A Mean Piece of Water (out Dec 9th), it became apparent very quickly that I had a box full of cowboy novels that I most certainly did not write. Don’t get me wrong, all of my books so far take place in Oklahoma andContinue reading “Quest for Author Copies that Ended Up on a Ranch in Kansas”

Fostering Relationships Between Indie Authors and Indie Booksellers

At the Tulsa City County Library’s Third Annual Local Author Conference, I got to give a talk along with my friend, Victoria Moore, about how to navigate relationships with small bookshops as a local author, particularly an indie author. First off, there were bagels which was great. But then it got more and more crowdedContinue reading “Fostering Relationships Between Indie Authors and Indie Booksellers”

Accessibility as and Indie Author

At my day job, I started using the font Open Dyslexic for calendars, handouts, etc. I work with a bunch of elementary school kids and according to research one in five people in America are dyslexic. So *gets out calculator* that means there’s a good chance 6 or so of my students are dyslexic, andContinue reading “Accessibility as and Indie Author”