New Project Announcement Because I’m Far Enough into it ADHD brain is getting bored.

Hype me up! I’m at that point when I announce a new project right at the time I’m feeling my interest in it waning because it’s been going so well and ADHD brain thinks well is boring.

It can be so hard to keep myself interested in my own projects. So much can get in the way (work, kid, family, house stuff, money stuff, etc.), but nothing likes to sabotage me more than the “i’m going to hyper focus on anything BUT what I want to be focusing on” phase of an ADHD cycle.

Yesterday I bought MAKEUP. Because maybe at 38 I’m going to start getting into makeup all of a sudden? What?

So, per typical Jes, here’s a mood board for my Cryptid Shit that I’m writing for #MyNoWriMo trademark me 2023. Gotta get those endorphins somewhere. So here is a collage I made because I do love a good mood board. Even if I know full well that half of these images won’t be relevant come revision number eight billion.

It’s gonna be messy queer kids fighting monsters and maybe holding hands and being freaking fantastic sisters to each other and there will be ghouls and near drownings but I never bury my gays and the dog will always live, so don’t fret.

Also, I’m currently locked out of one of my IG accounts so if you start to see me cross posting to my blog and maybe substack? (What is that? Should I be on it?) feel encouraged to hype me up there as well. The ADHD urge to just abandon my other account and set it on fire and push it into the ocean rather than keep trying to get IG to acknowledge my freaking face is STRONG right now.

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Hello! I'm an aspiring author of humorous books about space gays and alien invasions. I might occasionally toss in a dragon or mermaid, and I can't wait to share my weirdness with the world.

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