Book Launch for My Weird Merfolk Book

I had another book launch party and it was MAGICAL. I love sharing a space with my friends and family and supporters. It was a blast. We had some cookies (that totally matched the book cover, because I’m nothing if not extra), some wine (provided by my mom), and a playlist that I managed to throw together last minute even though I thought about just using the one from Chronicles, but Dani & Kye deserved their own.

Things I learned from this one in particular:

  1. Take that extra trip to Kansas to get those author copies if they’re on a ranch there (see my previous post if that makes no sense), because you might run out.
  2. Swag, like bookmarks and pins, can TOTALLY be homemade. I wasn’t able to order more bookmarks, so I made stamps and made my own and if anything, it makes them more special.
  3. You can’t have to have anything formal planned. I didn’t want to deal with the nerves of a reading or speech and it gave me more time to just talk to everyone and sign books. It was great.
  4. If you’re gonna offer to doodle in people’s books…maybe do that more at the START of the night…my illustrations got more and more blobby. Lol

As an indie author, I’m in charge of not just the fun writing part, but also all the marketing and promotion and general hustle. When that aspect of the authoring becomes tedious, it makes me so joyful to go back through the photographs of these nights and relish the support and excitement I experienced.

I’m so grateful to Victoria at Whitty Books for being such an amazing friend and letting me host these events in their space.

And for Patrick Quiring Multi Media for capturing my happiness in these photographs.

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