Hey you, throw yourself a book launch

Hey you, indie author. Throw yourself that party. Get the wine (if you like) and the balloons and the new earrings and ask your friends to come and celebrate.

From left to right, Jes (me), Rachel, & Andy, two bookish friends who came from OUT OF THE STATE for my party. Photo by @pqmultimedia

I was lucky enough to be able to have my book launch party at Whitty Books, a small local indie bookshop that specializes in small presses and horror and sci fi. Victoria who owns it was so supportive and excited to have me there with my friends and family to celebrate.

Tips for a book launch:

Hire a photographer! He was worth EVERY penny and I got to spend the whole time talking to people and signing books and grinning my face off behind my mask.

Partner with an indie book shop that you already have a relationship with and whose selection pairs with your own vibes. This part isn’t possible for everyone, so have the party anywhere with books! I don’t know, flash mob a Barnes and Nobel maybe?

Invite your friends. From everywhere. This is a big deal! We celebrate babies and weddings and graduations, so why not celebrate something that may be the biggest milestone in years of your life! Your friends want to celebrate you!

After the party take a small group with you to eat pizza and have a beer and maybe one of them will give a short speech that has you sobbing. I don’t know. It could happen.

Just let yourself celebrate. You pulled this book from your very soul and threw it out into the world and it might have been the bravest thing you’ve ever done. Bask in that for a minute. You deserve your flowers.

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