Chronicles of My Alien Invasion Life is out in the world and I can’t do anything about it!

I can’t believe my book is actually out and there’s nothing I can do about it.

In a good way.

Every single step of the indie publishing way there is the opportunity to adjust, make changes, tweak. Add another round of edits. Give it to another beta or sensitivity reader. Proofread a little more. Change the cover design.

Rework the back blurb. Rework the first chapter. Rename a character (this happened to me sooooo many times).

Eventually, and this was the most difficult part for me, you have to hit publish or else you are just get stuck in an endless revision loop.

I love my book. I am so proud of what I put out there. It is ready, and so am I.

Will there be a typo? Probably.

Will I cut off any family member or friend who points it out? Also probably.

The final moment for me was when I remembered I wasn’t writing in a vacuum. There have been so many people helping me with this book along the way, and mid-full-blown-panic, I sent a DM to Whitney (my coach) and she talked me down. Reassuring me that I was ready, and Chronicles was ready. And I hit publish.

It was exhilarating and terrifying, and it happened and I’m so freaking excited to share my world with people.

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Hello! I'm an aspiring author of humorous books about space gays and alien invasions. I might occasionally toss in a dragon or mermaid, and I can't wait to share my weirdness with the world.

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